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Significant Fee Increases Announced by Companies House

    What You Need to Know

    Companies House, the UK government agency responsible for registering and maintaining company records, has announced substantial fee increases set to impact businesses nationwide. The cost of incorporating a company will rise sharply from £12 to £50, and the fee for filing confirmation statements will jump from £13 to £34. These changes mark a significant shift in the financial landscape for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.

    Incorporation Fee Hike: From £12 to £50

    Incorporating a company is critical for entrepreneurs looking to formalise their business operations. This process, which was relatively affordable at £12, will now cost £50. The substantial increase is expected to prompt business owners to reconsider the timing and necessity of incorporation. This new fee could pose a significant financial hurdle for many startups operating on tight budgets.

    Companies House explains that this fee hike better covers the costs associated with the incorporation process. This includes verifying documents, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and maintaining the integrity of the business register. However, critics argue that this increase could discourage new business ventures and stifle entrepreneurial growth at a crucial time of economic recovery.

    Confirmation Statement Fee Increase: From £13 to £34

    The annual filing of confirmation statements is another critical requirement for UK companies. This document provides a snapshot of general company information, including directors, shareholders, and registered office addresses. Previously, the cost of filing a confirmation statement was £13, but it will now rise to £34.

    This increase represents an additional annual expense that must be budgeted for for existing businesses. While some may view this fee as relatively minor in the context of overall business expenses, it nonetheless adds to the administrative burden and financial commitments companies face. Small businesses, in particular, may feel the pinch more acutely, as every additional cost can impact their bottom line.

    Implications for UK Businesses

    Companies House’s fee increases come as many businesses are still recovering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For startups and small enterprises, these higher costs influence decision-making processes around incorporation and compliance.

    Some industry observers believe these fee increases could lead to a decline in the number of new companies registered. Potential entrepreneurs might delay or reconsider their business plans, especially if they operate with limited capital. Additionally, existing companies may seek ways to streamline their operations to offset the additional compliance costs.

    On the other hand, proponents of the fee hikes argue that they are necessary to ensure Companies House can continue to provide high-quality services and maintain the accuracy and security of the company register. The additional revenue generated from these fees is expected to support ongoing improvements and innovations within the agency.


    The fee increases announced by Companies House are a significant development for the UK business community. While these changes aim to align service costs with operational expenses better, they also present new financial challenges for businesses. Entrepreneurs and established companies must adapt to these higher fees, carefully considering their budgets and compliance strategies to navigate this new landscape effectively. As these changes take effect, monitoring their impact on business formation and sustainability across the UK will be crucial.